Award Winning Burgers

The 10 Best Wings / Burgers in South Dakota (2017) selects the 10 best wings & burgers in South Dakota.

The Best Things In North Dakota - Best Burger Joint (2017)

"Known as the home of 50 burgers and 50 brews, Sickies has consistently been lauded as having the best burgers in the state. With unique menu items like the Tator Tot Hot Dish burger, the glazed donut burger, and the crab cake burger, your dining experience will take you places you didn’t know burgers could go."

FM Wing Challenge - People's Choice Wings (2017)

Mental Floss - The Best Burger in All 50 States

"NORTH DAKOTA - With 50 burgers on the menu, even the pickiest eaters can find something they like at Sickies Garage. As you’d imagine, Sickies has a number of unusual concoctions—we’re talking doughnut, jalapeño, and peanut butter burgers—but it’s best known for the enormous Sickies Burger, which comes with bacon, fried egg, pulled pork, BBQ sauces, cheese, onion rings, and hot sauce."

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MSN's - The Best Burger from Every State in America

4/9/2016 - MSN announces the lineup of best burgers in every state.  Sickies Garage once again took the prize for North Dakota. 
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2015 Accolades

Yahoo Travel's The Most Over-The-Top Hamburger... (North Dakota)

"The Sickies Burger is a force to be reckoned with.

Sickies Garage has a signature burger that combines breakfast and lunch unlike any brunch we have ever encountered. The burger comes topped with bacon, fried egg, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and onion rings. Is that one meal or three?"
- Melinda Crow, Yahoo Travel

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North Dakota's Best Burger -

Sickies Burger - Sickies Garage
“Indecisive people must hate this place, but burger lovers have 50 burgers to choose from (and 50 beers to pair them with) at this motorcycle-themed bar that recently opened a second location. While there are plenty of over-the-top options like the Twin Cam—a burger stuffed between two grilled cheeses and topped with bacon—the namesake Sickies Burger takes the crown with a glorious combo of pulled pork, BBQ sauce, bacon, and a fried egg atop a patty with a 75/25 blend.” -

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Fargo-Moorhead's Best Burger - Fargo Monthly Magazine

In the name of service to our community, Fargo Monthly set out on an epic quest to find the best burger in Fargo–Moorhead. With a two-part nomination and voting poll, the people have spoken and here’s what they said...

Best Burger

WINNER: The Sickies Burger from Sickies Garage

Most Unique Burger

WINNER: Glazed Doughnut Burger from Sickies Garage

Best Non-Traditional Burger

WINNER: California Avocado Turkey Burger from Sickies Garage

Best Guilty Pleasure Burger

WINNER: Twin Cam from Sickies Garage

Best Burger Place

WINNER: Sickies Garage – 3431 Fietchner Dr. S, Fargo

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