Late Night Wings


Late Night Wings at Sickies Garage

Enjoy North Dakota's Best Wings with all you can eat late night wings at Sickies Garage.

9pm - Close
7 Days A Week
$12.99 For Unlimited Traditional Wings

Wing Sauces

BBQ - Traditional BBQ
JAMESON SAUCE - Smooth Jameson whiskey taste without the burn
PB&J - Sickies uniquely delicious award winning sauce
TERIYAKI - Classic teriyaki flavor
BLOODY MARY - Afternoon classic with a Sickies Twist
SWEET CHILI - A sweet oriental treat
CARIBBEAN - A burst of caribbean flavor
GOLDEN BBQ - A mellow blend of southern bbq
BUFFALO - Great traditional flavor with just enough kick
KICKING BOURBON - A taste of bourbon street
PARMESAN & GARLIC - Parmesan & garlic perfectly blended
BOOM BOOM - Creamy garlic and red pepper explosion
WILD WILLY SAUCE - Sweet & garlicy BBQ with a subtle kick
HOT - Habanero inspired sauce
SWEET & SPICY THAI - Sweet chili sauce packed with a spicy punch
HURRICANE - A spicy blend of buffalo, BBQ, and jamaican jerk
F'N FIREBALL - Made with Fireball whisky for the extra burn
JAMAICAN JERK - Spicy with a hint of lime and green onion
MANGO HABANERO - Tangy-sweet with a habanero bite
HELLS FURY - Enough ghost peppers to blow your top

*Availability of sauces may vary by location.

North Dakota's Best Wings

"Motorcycle-themed Sickies also serves up the best damn burger in NoDak, so we were a little hesitant to also bequeath upon the joint (which, at 50 taps, is also a formidable beer bar) the honor of the Roughrider State's best wings. Actually, no we weren't. Because these suckers are delicious and infinitely customizable. They're traditional pub-style wings at their core, but it's what you do with them that matters. Rubs range from mango habanero to Sriracha, while things really get amped up in the sauces, which include boozy variations like Jameson and Fireball and the ghost pepper-spiked Hells Fury. Go with that one and you're gonna be pretty stoked about that big-ass beer list." -